Engwe P275 Pro review: A powerful city e-bike with automatic gear shifter

A city cruiser and commuter's dream for people wanting a standout design

Engwe P275 Pro
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The P275 Pro is a significant change of direction for Engwe. Not only is the frame slimmer compared to other Engwe bikes, but it's also made up of branded parts, with a Bafang motor and Samsung battery delivering more power. The belt drive keeps things clean and tidy, and the fact there's no throttle is a clear nod to the EU market. The addition of an automatic 3-speed gear shifter also helps navigate different terrains.


  • +

    Branded parts

  • +

    Automatic gear shifter

  • +

    Great price


  • -

    Lacks an integrated rear light

  • -

    Slow charging

  • -

    Chunky tyres

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Engwe P275 Pro: One minute review

It isn't immediately obvious that the P275 Pro is an Engwe bike, but I think that's a good thing. Right out of the box, it's clear that the design ethos of this bike is very different from what the Chinese manufacturer has produced so far. 

Historically, Engwe is well known for super chunky tires and oversized frames, but neither can be found here. The P275 Pro has a sleek and slim frame that not only makes the bike relatively light, but also look great. The tires are much thinner, but still quite thick in comparison to some of the best electric bikes out there right now. The Tenways CGO600 Pro has a better tire width.

The build quality is all-around excellent. The aluminum alloy frame is beautifully welded together, with cables tucked neatly away within the frame itself. A vast reduction in cable ties is another significant improvement over their other e-bikes.

One of the downsides of the frame is the minimum seat height of 91.5cm. This will be too high for a lot of riders so make sure you check your ideal seat height before purchasing this e-bike

Another divergence for Engwe is the choice of branded parts right across the e-bike. It all begins with a 36V, 19.2Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 150 km range when using the highest level of assist. The Bafang 250W Brushless Mid-drive Motor is ideal for use in the UK and provides just enough power when navigating medium inclines. The automatic gear shifter also helps to keep the bike moving when handling more challenging hills.

All in all, the P275 Pro is a great bike and represents an excellent direction for the company as a whole. With a great design, good build quality, and a range of branded parts, there aren't many downsides to this e-bike.

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Engwe P275 Pro: Specifications
ComponentEngwe P275 Pro
Size range: 98.5cm x 188cm
Motor:250W Brushless Motor
Top speed25 km per hour
Power:36V 19.2Ah SAMSUNG Lithium-ion
Control:Bafang TFT DP C244
E-bike classification: Class 3
Speeds:Bafang 3 levels automatica gear shifter
Brakes:180mm Front & Rear Tektro hydraulic disc breaks
Frame material:6061 Aluminum Alloy
Weight:25.3 kg
Range:260 km (PAS 1 level) 150 km (PAS 5 level)

Engwe P275 Pro: Price and availability

Engwe P275 Pro

(Image credit: Future)
  • £1,899 in the UK
  • Only available in the EU
  • Available from the manufacturer directly

The Engwe P275 Pro has been designed specifically for the EU market and is available for £1,899. It comes in two different color combos: straight black or a gorgeous black frame with a standout orange battery case. Engwe sent me the one with the orange highlight, and I can say it's quite the design statement.

Other than the e-bike, you'll also get a Samsung 36V, 19.2Ah Lithium-ion battery with a compatible charger. A rear light is provided, but it's not integrated, which is disappointing. The sad times were slightly overcome when I saw the cool horn-like bell design. It's a neat change that's also very functional.

If you're after a more complete package, including accessories, then you can buy two different types of rack bag or even an additional battery.

Engwe P275 Pro: Design

Engwe P275 Pro

(Image credit: Future)
  • Sleek design with standout battery compartment
  • Branded parts, including battery and motor
  • Average weight for an e-bike

The P275 Pro not only looks great, but is also built well. This is a premium e-bike that is available in either black or as a black-and-orange combo. Personally, I prefer to blend into the background, but if you want to stand out, then the color combo will be a great way to do that.

The diamond-shaped aluminum alloy frame delicately blends sharp turns with smooth flows to give an attractive design. The main frame flows beautifully into the Bafang motor, and the carbon belt rather than a chain means this bike glides effortlessly, whether power-assisted or not.

At 27.5 x 2.4 cm, the tires are uncharacteristically thin for Engwe and look the part for an urban bike. They are slim enough to reduce traction and wide enough to provide the necessary grip. The slim frame also results in a more than manageable 25.3 kg (55.77 lbs).

Putting the e-bike together was a breeze with all the tools included in the box. Design-wise, the only thing I would have changed would have been the rear light. Engwe has opted to provide a battery-operated light that clips behind the seat. An integrated rear light would have made much more sense and helped to provide a complete package.

The e-bike ships with an integrated front light, sturdy mudguards, and reflective rims on the wheels. The last of these features is handy for visibility when traffic is approaching from the side. These circular reflectors also look great when lit up. 

I'm very impressed with the design of the P275 Pro, and if this is a sign of things to come for Engwe, then I'm very excited indeed.

  • Design Score: 4.5/5

Engwe P275 Pro: Performance

Engwe P275 Pro

(Image credit: Future)
  • Bafang 250W Brushless Mid-drive Motor
  • Automatic gear shifter
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

With a Bafang 250W Brushless Mid-drive Motor and 65 N.m of torque, the P275 Pro has all the power required for rapid acceleration and when navigating medium-sized inclines. Even though I rarely lacked the power I needed, this e-bike behaves more like a push-bike that provides battery power only if you need it. This is a positive in terms of battery performance, but if you're after an e-bike that does most of the work, then this won't be for you.

One of the standout features of the P275 Pro is the automatic gear shifter that provides three distinct levels. The e-bike moves seamlessly between them depending on the speed of travel and helps to provide a middle option between a single-speed bike and something with an abundance of gears, a little like the software-driven Cowboy 4. The automatic nature of the shifter takes all the guesswork out of gear-changing and instead aims to further help the pedal assist mode of the e-bike. 

The motor's pedal sensor ensures that power is delivered when needed, although there were times when it took a couple of seconds longer to kick in than I was expecting. That being said, the transition from standing still to moving was always smooth and never abrupt. I'm always wary of e-bikes that are too abrupt because they can lead to accidents, especially when navigating through traffic.

Speaking of safety, the 180mm front & rear Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide all the necessary braking capacity at all speeds. They are responsive and reliable, and even though I'm not a fan of this brake type, they are a good match for this bike.

With a limit of 25 km per hour, the P275 Pro is perfect for the EU market. At this speed, the motor stops and it's all on you. I found it difficult to pedal beyond this speed, mainly due to the motor resistance, something that was particularly noticeable when traveling downhill.

  • Performance score: 4/5

Engwe P275 Pro: Battery life

Engwe P275 Pro

(Image credit: Future)
  • 260 km range (PAS 1 level)
  • 150 km range (PAS 5 level)
  • Removable battery

The P275 boasts a 36V, 19.2Ah SAMSUNG Lithium-ion battery, which Engwe claims provides up to 150 km when using the highest level of pedal assist. I almost always wanted the maximum level of boost and found that a range of around 100 km per charge was more realistic. Having five different assist modes is a little over the top, but it does enable users to manage their battery range if need be.

The range of an e-bike battery is always dependent on a range of factors, including rider weight, wind resistance, and the amount of surface friction. It's always worth taking the advertised ranges with a pinch of salt and assuming that these are the maximum achievable distances only if ideal riding conditions are met.

To charge the battery from empty to full, it will take around 5 hours, which will be fine for most people. This fits easily into an overnight charging schedule or even charging it at work before setting off again at the end of the day. 

The battery itself is mounted underneath the seat and stands out even more if you go for the black and orange colour combo. The battery can be easily removed from the frame for easy charging.

  • Battery life score: 4/5

Engwe P275 Pro: Scorecard

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Category CommentScore
DesignA slimline and well built frame with thinnish tyres make this bike a real looker.4.5/5
PerformanceThe 250W Bafang motor provides all the power most users will need. The automatic gear shifter and smooth and really helps navigate inclines.4/5
Battery LifeA powerful Samsung battery provides an amazing range which is fine for most commutes. The battery can also be removed for easy charging. 4/5

Buy it if...

You want a slimline design
The Engwe P275 Pro boasts a thin frame and slimline tyres that look great when cruising around urban areas. The tyres could be thinner, but do have the added benefit of providing more grip.

You want a long range
When using the highest level of pedal assistance, the advertised range is 150 km. Real-world tests were nearer to 100 km, which will still be enough for most. 

You want a carbon belt drive
If you're not a fan of bike chains, then the P275 Pro carbon belt drive is a great alternative. It's clean, tidy, and performs well.

Don't buy it if...

You want a cheap e-bike
At £1,899, the P275 Pro is far from a cheap runaround. For the price though, you will benefit from a range of branded parts.

You want integrated lights
The P275 Pro has an integrated front light but lacks the same at the rear. They do ship a battery-operated light that clips to the seat, though.

You want a foldable e-bike
This e-bike has no option for folding up but is still relatively portable thanks to it's lightweight frame. 

Also consider

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Also consider
ComponentEngwe P275 ProPure Free City
Size range: 98.5cm x 188cmOne size (S/M equivalent)
Motor:250W Brushless Motor250W with 40nm torque
Top speed25 km / 15.5 m per hour25 km / 15.5 m per hour
Power:36V 19.2Ah SAMSUNG Lithium-ionPure DGW07 by Shengyi
Control:Bafang TFT DP C244Pure handlebar-mounted control unit
E-bike classification: Class 1EAPC / Class 1
Speeds:Bafang 3 levels automatica gear shifter7-speed Shimano Tourney
Brakes:180mm Front & Rear Tektro hydraulic disc breaksPure Free City aluminium alloy
Frame material:6061 Aluminum AlloyReinforced aluminium
Weight:25.3 kg / 55 pounds23 kg / 50 pounds
Range:260 km (PAS 1 level) 150 km (PAS 5 level)45 km

Pure Free City e-bike

This retro hybrid e-bike is a good alternative to the P275 Pro, especially if you're looking for a step-through option and a little bit more class. 

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How I tested the Engwe P275 Pro electric bike

As soon as I got the Engwe P275 Pro, it was hard to put it down. Over several weeks of testing, I enjoyed riding it around the rural area that I live in as well as commuting into the nearest city. As a result, I was able to test the e-bike on a range of terrain and up and down a variety of hills.

I was pleasantly surprised at the bike's ability to handle wherever I took it, as well as through a range of weather conditions. The brakes were adequate during wet conditions, and the motor got me everywhere I needed to go without too much hassle.

First reviewed: May 2024

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